About Storyline

We are Storyline and together we have found magic in a box.  We are a five-piece ensemble whose members come from distinct musical listening and performance backgrounds.   We share a commitment to a dominating stage presence, to vocal and harmonic excellence, to shredding guitar passages, to melodious and intricate keyboard accompaniment and to tight, driving and complex rhythms and grooves.  Our set list draws from the best of classic & power rock, pop, blues & progressive blues, progressive rock, funk rock, jazz and soul, delivered in a high-powered, diverse performance that will energize any audience.

What has come to define Storyline is the passion that has driven each member to contribute songs to the play list.  Every song that we perform has a personal story tied to it.   In communicating a desire to play selected pieces of music, each member has shared their stories reflecting events, moments or relevance in their lives that they associate with these songs – hence the name Storyline.  Our stories aren’t much different from the stories of the people who come to see us.   We want to share what has become personal to us with these people – and we want to deliver this in an unforgettable way.

The band, comprised of vocals, guitar, keyboards, drums and bass, has created an eclectic sound that encompasses all the best elements of the musical genres that have been a part of the canvas of all of our lives.   There are no musical boundaries when it comes to Storyline’s performance choices.

The Storyline song list includes music from the 70s to the present with selections from artists such as Bon Jovi, Journey, Paul McCartney and Wings, Steely Dan, Michael McDonald, Heart, Janis Joplin, Dave Mathews, The Pretenders, Toto, The Doobie Brothers, Mr. Big, Joe Bonamassa, Fleetwood Mac, Los Lobotomys, The Police, Little River Band,  Van Halen and many other well-known artists.

Storyline’s storied Line-up is:

Marcia Briggs – Lead and Background Vocals

James Doherty – Lead and Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals

Michael Healey – Keyboards, Lead and Backing Vocals

Tim Short – Drums and Percussion

Chris D’Urso – Bass Guitar

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