Jim Doherty Jr

Jim got the bug for music at a very early age. Anything that looked or sounded like a guitar was immediately a pursuit for him. An old acoustic, owned by his grandfather, became the first exposure to the instrument, after his sister had decided to drop the idea of learning. By college he had shown enough aptitude to play his way through the University of Florida. In his twenties, he went on to success with several well known South West Florida bands and generated label interest as sell as a reputation, for not only being a great guitar player, but a funny guy as well. His desire to improve has never wavered and several decades later Jim is still at it, combining technical prowess with his larger than life presence and sense of humor. Although his accomplishments include several albums, playing with many of his hero, print, media, radio exposure and numerous recognitions regarding his talent, Jim will still to this day tell you the only reason he got into the business was to be the ‘The greatest guitar player I can be!’ no more…no less. We think he has reached this lofty goal for himself!