Mike Healey

At the age of 10, Mike’s parents bought a piano and said, “You are going to take lessons”. Mike hid this from his peers for fear they would beat him up for being a sissy. His brother Steve was a drummer. They jammed for years in the basement of their Brockton Massachusetts home playin Zeppelin to Dave Brubeck and Steely Dan to Chick Corea. They sucked!! but they loved it, and never quit. Mike took private lessons from local Berklee professor Kurt Wentzel. Not until Mike was in high school did he realize that all that practicing was not in vain. He actually became recognized for his hard work.

He and a vocalist which happened to be an old schoolmate reconnected, formed a band and gigged professionally during the 80’s in and around Boston and Providence. Mike and his bother Steve formed a band with renowned Boston area guitarist Mike Sheehan and bassist Doug Spencer in the 90’s. They rocked it out until Sheehan’s departure to Birmingham in 2004. In 2006 Mike moved his family to Punta Gorda and put out the feelers once again. He jammed with local superstars like drummer Kenny Cox,(Kapo Kings and Stringtown) guitarist Ben Roberts,( The Robert Williamson Band) and bassist Tom Pilsey,(Cracker Blues Band) but It took until 2014 for him to connect with and form the band Storyline after Tim Short was tipped off by local guitarist Chuck Eichner. That’s Mike’s story!